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shiftey mc giffety and the slipery sam

I realy like this book because they think there is a ghost  in there house but it just a dog in candy floss.


I recemend this book to Amy because it is funny


by Alisha Smart


Book reveiw:Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda  is really funny. The character  Matilda is really mischievous. Its really good for people who like comedy. If your down in the dumps you sad can read a Roald Dahl book and youll be happy.10/10

so far on fox busters

So far I have been reading Fox Busters. I'm really enjoying it because so funny.I would recormend it to Theo because its really funny. 10/10

Haley and the rain fairy

  • There is small village and there is two girls called Kristy,Rachel.Rachel wakes up and she finds out the village is flooded.?
  •  What I like about this story is that they tried to trick the monster.

I would recormend this to Poppy beacause she would really love this book.

snow queen

I have been reading the snow queen it is so cool it is about a 

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